July Newsletter 2017

As previously reported, we have reformed the Residents’ Association for the part of North Riding between the conservancy area and Equestrian Estate. We have broadened membership to include all residents over the age of 18. The purpose of the Association is stated as “A single voice into and out of the community on matters of common concern”. It is staffed entirely by volunteers and will be operated as a non-profit organisation.

Our first AGM (annual general meeting) is scheduled for 26 July 2017 - venue and time confirmed as Heritage of Faith Church, 348 Spionkop Road, at 19h00.

Below some feedback around the public meeting around roads in the area as called by Councillor Wendy Alexander, held on 28 June 2017 at 20h00. Main speaker was Lawrence Masega of the JRA, and he positioned the following:

  • North Riding Agricultural Holdings has mainly class 5 roads (gravel, graded twice a year, no storm water). This is becoming problematic as there are several developments proposed in the area, as well as the fact that regular grading has meant that in some roads services normally buried below the roadbed / shoulders, are being exposed.
  • Decisions around upgrading roads are made per ward, and this public meeting is an attempt to reach out to residents to understand their needs and wants in terms of roads in the area.
  • Council budget is pro poor communities, meaning that limited budget is available in the new financial year of the Council (July 2017 – June 2018) for NRAH.
  • The audience positioned that the community is divided around the future of the area, with some being pro-development and some wanting to retain the current rural character. Dave Wilkinson, a retired Roads Engineer, proposed a community survey which will be driven via Councillor Alexander and existing resident association structures, for all to make their voice
  • Current options for this financial year:
    • Olievenhout Road is currently being upgraded between Quorn and Valley Road, and this will be completed in 2017/2018 year. Currently the project is waiting for wayleaves before proceeding.
    • Quorn Drive had a tar “top”, laid down as a dust repellent, but no proper foundation, leading to dissatisfaction amongst the residents as the top is not repaired
    • Some gravel roads need urgent rehabilitation in terms of bringing in new soil, levelling and water drainage
  • Additional problems that were raised and discussed:
    • Felstead Road is being affected by water draining from Northumberland
    • PWV3 – JRA has promised to feed through a timeframe on this
    • Aureole and increasing traffic numbers – no clear answer
    • Gautrain proposed development – Wendy will feedback once she has more details

We have invited Councillor Wendy Alexander to come and address us on these issues at our AGM in July.

As per our email notification at the end of June, a new rezoning proposal has been lodged by the Nigerian Church, situated on plot 365 on Olievenhout Road (on the right-hand side as you go up the hill on Olievenhout towards Honeydew, opposite the dam with the ducks and swans). The application proposes a split of the current property as well as change of use:

  • Portion 1 - 1 Hectare
    • Special Place of Worship (3 Storeys) - Church - 400 Seats (including housing for leader and caretakers)
    • Education Facility - 200 Seats
    • Social Hall
    • Parking on site (number of vehicles not given)
  • Portion 2 - 2,4 Hectares
    • 100 dwellings per hectare (4 Storeys)
    • Parking on site (number of vehicles not given)

We received 41 letters of objection from the community, and Alan Smith received a further 205. This has been lodged with COJ – objections closed on 5 July 2017. We will keep you informed around the outcome.

As the association is open to all residents over the age of 18 who live in the area, we encourage you to reach out and get all tenants / adults on your property to join our database – please contact Monica as below.

Thank you for reading this, and we encourage you to reach out to us if there is anything you want to bring to the community’s attention.

Monica Hepplewhite
082 550 1503

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