December Newsletter 2017

Welcome to our fourth newsletter. As we wrap up 2017, a reflection of our journey together this year:

We restarted North Riding Agricultural Holdings Residents Association - the purpose of the Association is stated as “A single voice into and out of the community on matters of common concern”. The vision is “Protecting our country lifestyle”. The Association is staffed entirely by volunteers and will be operated as a non-profit organisation.

Some specific initiatives in the area we touched on during the course of the year:

  1. Roads survey (as conducted by council) proved overwhelmingly that all in our area want to retain the rural feel of gravel roads.
  2. We addressed and resolved the noise issues from 350c Spionkop Road, Nigerian Church and illegal shebeens on Boundary Road.
  3. The dumping of building rubble on open stands on Spionkop Road was reported and resolved with COJ.
  4. Numerous interaction with Celebration developers to resolve ongoing service interruptions due to activities on Valley and Aureole Road. We are encouraging all residents who suffered damage because of construction activities to consider taking the developers to small claims court.
  5. Nigerian Church’s application to establish a township and build extensively on their plot was opposed with COJ – outcome still pending.
  6. Security:
    1. Volunteer patrolling seems to be effective in keeping crime down now – a HUGE thank you to all our volunteers – and if you wish to be involved in this effort going forward, please reach out to Neil McMullen
    2. Storm damage has led to some electricity cables being on the ground in the Conservancy area – this is being addressed with CityPower
    3. A number of gate motors have been stolen in the past 3 months – please consider additional security measures if you have not already done so
  7. Olievenhout Road rehabilitation – we are finally reaching the end of the construction on this road. Outstanding items are 3 speed bumps that have been requested and approved, that will assist with channeling water to storm drain as well as traffic control down the hill. We have also requested some paving to take pedestrian traffic off the road – this is being considered by JRA.

From a committee perspective – we are in the process of reviewing and amending the previous constitution, and will distribute for comments as soon as possible. We will also be distributing member forms via email soon – please complete these for us to update our database of members.

To close out the year – a SOCIAL function has been arranged at 351c Spionkop Road – Kobus Opperman – on 9 December 2017 from 11h00 – 15h00. Please bring your own drinks and come and chat!

Our next AGM date has been set as 1 February 2018 at 19h00, please note the date and reserve it as your one hour for the year to become involved in matters affecting YOUR community.

Please visit our website –, and let us know what you think and what you would like to see on it. If you are running your own business, we are making advertising slots available to businesses in the area – please reach out to John Crain if you are interested.

Wishing you all a prosperous and peaceful festive season.

Regards, Monica and committee

As per our email notification at the end of June, a new rezoning proposal has been lodged by the Nigerian Church, situated on plot 365 on Olievenhout Road (on the right-hand side as you go up the hill on Olievenhout towards Honeydew, opposite the dam with the ducks and swans). The application proposes a split of the current property as well as change of use:

  • Portion 1 - 1 Hectare
    • Special Place of Worship (3 Storeys) - Church - 400 Seats (including housing for leader and caretakers)
    • Education Facility - 200 Seats
    • Social Hall
    • Parking on site (number of vehicles not given)
  • Portion 2 - 2,4 Hectares
    • 100 dwellings per hectare (4 Storeys)
    • Parking on site (number of vehicles not given)

We received 41 letters of objection from the community, and Alan Smith received a further 205. This has been lodged with COJ – objections closed on 5 July 2017. We will keep you informed around the outcome.

As the association is open to all residents over the age of 18 who live in the area, we encourage you to reach out and get all tenants / adults on your property to join our database – please contact Monica as below.

Thank you for reading this, and we encourage you to reach out to us if there is anything you want to bring to the community’s attention.

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