August Newsletter 2017

Welcome to our third newsletter. North Riding Agricultural Holdings Residents Association – the purpose of the Association is stated as “A single voice into and out of the community on matters of common concern”. The vision is “Protecting our country lifestyle”. The Association is staffed entirely by volunteers and will be operated as a non-profit organisation.

Thanks to all who attended the AGM, minutes have been distributed and some actions followed up from what was committed. Below some feedback.

  1. Roads survey link was distributed via email for all to give input into Wendy Alexander’s initiatives.
  2. A meeting was held with the owner of 350c Spionkop Road, to address the loud music from his premises. The meeting was very amiable and the owner apologized as he was unaware of the way sound carried in the Valley. He assured us of his co-operation in this regard into the future, and turned the sound down when asked in subsequent interactions.
  3. The dumping of building rumble of an owner on Spionkop on his own stand was reported to COJ and action has been taken by them. We have also had good response from them on other noise issues as reported.
  4. A meeting with Celebration developers was held on 24 August where a list of issues of concern between the two parties, were discussed:
    1. Exposed cables on Aureole - the group agreed that the interaction with the project manager of Celebration on the NRAH social WhatsApp group, where some residents expressed their frustration around the opportunity for cable theft created by subcontractors, was understandable but also regrettable.
      • Celebration explained that most services in the area is not in the prescribed place according to municipal guidelines, which leads to surprises when trenches are dug.
      • RA committee explained that the area experience frequent power outages, often as a result of cable theft, and leaving cables exposed just creates opportunity.
      • It was agreed that the RA Committee will in future be notified, should that happen, so that the community can take action to prevent future cable theft.
      • It was agreed that in future, emergencies should be reported to Celebration via the committee via telephone call, and followed in email, for record of the conversation. All other issues to be channelled via email.
    2. Go live of entrance on Northumberland – the entrance is live, but it is not foreseen that deliveries will be via that entrance.
      • Additional roadworks will take place on Aureole, where a traffic circle, on request of JRA, will be installed at the junction of Aureole and Impalalelie.
      • Celebration to notify RA when work will commence.
    3. Big vehicles on Olievenhout / Impalalelie
      • RA committee thanked the developers for the warning signs / communications to suppliers.
      • The issue has now changed in that vehicles on Impalalelie turning into Olievenhout does not yield – a stop sign will be investigated by Celebration.
      • Celebration undertook that they will restore Olievenhout (currently being rehabilitated and tarred) to the same state at the end of Celebration building activities, as to what the state will be at the end of the September 2017 restoration.
    4. Continued clearance on stand 410
      • A report from Celebration was distributed on Wednesday 23/8 to the committee, some fines have been levied to both subcontractor and Celebration for chopping off marked trees. Burning of wetland area was because of security lighting a small fire, which got out of control.
    5. Plan for buildings on 410
      • Celebration explained that all developable land was cleared to survey properly, although the type of building on the area will be determined by the uptake of phase 1 of the old-age home.
      • Potentially up to 3 stories for residential purpose along Olievenhout.
      • It is envisioned that the provisioning of services will commence in 2018 – a site development plan will be drafted and circulated before then.
      • The first 100 units have been sold of phase 1, with expected occupation in June 2018.
    6. Proliferation of worker shacks on 410 and dumping of rubbish
      • This was addressed with the contractor by Celebration management
      • All dumping was cleared and worker shacks were removed.
      • Periodic inspections will take place to prevent this in future, but committee was urged to report should it be noticed again
    7. Continued open ditch in front of 363 and 362
      • This has been partially filled with only joins left as exposed
      • Will only be completely closed in approximately 6 weeks’ time
    8. Security at gate across 362 / main gate on Olievenhout
      • This was addressed by Celebration with the security company – gates to be locked between sundown and sun-up.
      • Celebration will in the next month have the whole site fenced, which means that opportunity for foot traffic will lessen to use this as a shortcut.
    9. Holes in fence of 410 across from 363
      • A periodic inspection takes place from Celebration side, but they ask the community to report all new holes spotted.
      • One set of holes has been repaired

Please visit our new website –, and let us know what you think and what you would
like to see on it.

As per our email notification at the end of June, a new rezoning proposal has been lodged by the Nigerian Church, situated on plot 365 on Olievenhout Road (on the right-hand side as you go up the hill on Olievenhout towards Honeydew, opposite the dam with the ducks and swans). The application proposes a split of the current property as well as change of use:

  • Portion 1 - 1 Hectare
    • Special Place of Worship (3 Storeys) - Church - 400 Seats (including housing for leader and caretakers)
    • Education Facility - 200 Seats
    • Social Hall
    • Parking on site (number of vehicles not given)
  • Portion 2 - 2,4 Hectares
    • 100 dwellings per hectare (4 Storeys)
    • Parking on site (number of vehicles not given)

We received 41 letters of objection from the community, and Alan Smith received a further 205. This has been lodged with COJ – objections closed on 5 July 2017. We will keep you informed around the outcome.

As the association is open to all residents over the age of 18 who live in the area, we encourage you
to reach out and get all tenants / adults on your property to join our database – please contact Monica
as below.

Thank you for reading this, and we encourage you to reach out to us if there is anything you want to
bring to the community’s attention.

Monica Hepplewhite

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